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Slinky™ Installation Guide

Written primarily for installers and designers, this one-of-a-kind 60-page manual from IGSHPA is the definitive guide for installing Slinky™ heat exchangers. Well-illustrated with drawings and photographs, the manual explains each step of Slinky™ installation from design to trench excavation. Section titles include Slinky™ ground heat exchanger design, pipe material selection and standards, coil configurations, forming the circular heat exchanger, installation, and excavation safety.

Included with enrollment in IGSHPA Geothermal Installer Certification Training.

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Slinky Installation Manual

Table of Contents

  1. Slinky Ground Heat Exchanger Design
    1. Introduction
    2. Fabricating the Slinky Loop
    3. Slinky Sizing Tables
  2. Pipe Material Selection/Standards
    1. Training Required of Installation Personnel
    2. Design Methods and Compliance
    3. Ground Heat Exchanger Materials
    4. Pipe Sizes
    5. Pipe Joining Methods
    6. Flushing, Purging, and Pressure Flow Testing
  3. Coil Configurations
    1. Tested Configurations
    2. Extended Transportable Method
    3. No-Fixture Method
  4. Forming the Circular Heat Exchanger
    1. Forming the Coil
    2. Fixtures
    3. Coil Tying
  5. Installation
    1. Job Site Analysis
    2. Site Evacuation
    3. Pressure Testing
    4. Pipe Placement
    5. Backfilling
    6. Site Plan
    7. Header Design
  6. Excavation Safety
    1. Introduction
    2. Preplanning for Safety
    3. Mechanics of a Cave-In
    4. OSHA Requirements
    5. Soil Types
    6. Excavation Types
  7. Additional Information Sources
    1. Other Sources