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Grouting for Vertical GHP Systems

Proper grouting is one of the single most important components of a successful geothermal installation. Grout has a dramatic effect on bore lengths because it is the medium through which a heat pump transfers energy to and from the earth. Failure to properly grout a borefield according to the designers specifications will result in a loopfield that does not perform as expected and could potentially cause a complete system failure. IGSHPA offers this overview manual to provide details about appropriate grouting materials, common borehole sealing methods, borehole thermal remittance, pre-grouting activities, field grouting procedures and much more.

Included with enrollment in IGSHPA Geothermal Installer Certification Training.

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Grouting for Vertical GHP Systems

Table of Contents

  1. Grouting Issues Related to the Vertical Closed-Loop Ground Heat Exchanger
    1. Environmental, Geological and Practical Aspects of Grouting
      1. Reasons for Grouting a Borehole
      2. Criteria for Obtaining a Proper Grout Seal
      3. Practical Considerations for Obtaining a Proper Grout Seal
    2. How Much of the Borehole to Grout
    3. Appropriate Grouting Materials
      1. Bentonite-Based Grouts
      2. Cement-Based Grouts
      3. Selection of an Appropriate Grouting Material
    4. Evaluation of Common Borehole Sealing Methods
      1. Shoveling Cuttings from Surface
      2. Leaving Drilling Mud in the Borehole
      3. Borehole Collapse
      4. Pouring Grout Slurry from Surface
      5. Pressure Tremie Grouting
    5. Regulations Pertaining to GHEX Boreholes
  2. Grout Properties and Vertical GHEX Design
    1. Engineering Properties of Grouting Products
      1. Bentonite Grouts
      2. Bentonite-Additive Mixtures
      3. Cement Grouts
      4. Cement-Additive Mixtures
    2. Borehole Thermal Resistance
      1. Grout Shape Factor
      2. Borehole Thermal Resistance
      3. Incremental Grout Resistance – Alternate Method
      4. IGSHPA Design Equation
    3. Specification of a GHEX Grouting Material
      1. Thermal Considerations
      2. Pumping and Placement Considerations
      3. Environmental Considerations
  3. Grouting Vertical Boreholes
    1. Pre-Grouting Activities
      1. Grouting Pump Selection
      2. Grout Mixing Equipment Selection
      3. Grout Volume Calculations
      4. Grouting Cost Estimation
    2. Field Grouting Procedures
      1. Insertion of the Tremie Pipe
      2. Mixing of the Grouting Material
      3. Pumping the Grouting Material
      4. Removal of the Tremie Pipe
      5. Other Grouting Considerations
    3. Post-Grouting Activities
      1. Equipment Cleanup
      2. Site Cleanup
      3. Grout Report